Branding - MDR Ceramics

Brand identity created for MDR Ceramics. This pottery studio uses traditional firing methods to create small batch, functional and timeless pottery which is inspired by the abundant nature of New Jersey. The personality of this brand is : Natural, simple, beautiful and honest.


Branding - Sprig Flower Truck

This was such a fun project to work on. The branding for Sprig was completely inspired by the 1951 Chevy pick up truck that Dana has had converted to a flower truck. Fun, joyful, earthy and nostalgic are the words that describe the personality of this brand.


Branding - Nourishing Foundations

This is a branding project I worked on with dietitian and whole food expert, Vanessa Clarkson. Thanks to the internet we where able to work together from the opposite sides of the world. How amazing is that! I love the colour palette on this one, it gives all the feels we wanted; nurturing, organic, warm and expert. Scroll down to see the original concepts.

brand board v6.jpg
original concepts.jpg

Branding - From Britain With Love

Fresh and contemporary logo design for the inspiring From Britain with Love. FBWL champion British makers, artisans and course providers through their online directory and blog. I had the pleasure of working with Laura last year to create this primary logo and submark.


Branding - A Peaceful Home

A hand lettered and sans serif logo for US based professional organiser - A Peaceful Home. Although this logo looks simple there was a lot of concepts and iterations to get the right look and feel.  

APH logo grey.jpg

Some of the original logo concepts. As you can see they're quite different to what we ended up with but it's all part of the process to get to the the final design.

Concepts v3.jpg

Branding - Lottie Jewellery

I was made up when Jewellery designer and maker, Lottie asked me to work on a logo for her business. As a third generation jeweller, quality and creativity are key attributes to this brand.

Here is the brand board showing the final logo and the moodboard/colour palette that inspired the design.

Scroll down to see the original design concepts.

Lottie Jewellery brand board.jpg
concepts v1.jpg




Branding - Aura Botanical

Aura Botanicals is a natural and organic brand that specialises in products that bring balance into peoples lives through the energetic properties and healing power of plants. Loved working on this one!

brand board.jpg

These are the original logo concepts designed for Aura Botanical.

concepts v1.jpg

Branding - Bloom Music House

This was a fun project to work on. I illustrated the house using the original graphic logo as reference to give a more relaxed sketched look to match my botanicals. This music school is based in the Netherlands - I love how I get to connect with people from all over the world.

brand board v1.jpg

The logo concepts - sometimes I get it right first time with minimal changes.


Branding - Crochet Artisan

Beautiful minimalist typography logo for the inspirational brand, Crochet Artisan. I love the subtle crochet hook I illustrated for the submark.


Here's a little peek at some of the logo concepts created for this super stylish brand.

concepts v4.jpg

Branding - The Master Cakesmith

The Master Cakesmith is run by artisan baker and pastry chef, Dawn, who bakes the most amazing cakes. They are truly works of art. For beautiful cake inspiration your really need to follow her on Instagram. I was honoured to have been asked to work on this rebrand for her.


The mood board.


Concepts I created for the primary logo before finalising the finished design.

concepts 2.jpg