Branding - Hill View Farm

I love this final logo design that I created for Hill View Farm. There's nothing better than seeing a design come to life on an actual product, especially when it's as beautiful as these foil printed bands wrapped around the softest yarn in the most scrummy colours. This logo also shows that simple is best, and getting things to look simple aren't always as simple as they look. 

Photography credits - Hill View Farm 

Brand Brilliance book feature

This is a blog post I've been meaning to write for months. Where to start?

Over a year ago I answered a call for submissions to Fiona Humberstone's latest book, Brand Brilliance. I very nearly didn't - I have this voice in my head that quite often likes to rein me in by telling me I'm not quite good enough yet.  Close to the deadline I sent a selection of images that illustrate various points about branding - colour palettes, packaging, work in progress etc. Hoping that maybe one of my images would be used as an example for something, somewhere in the book.

I received an exciting email back from Fiona's team saying my images were liked and they would try to work them into the book. I was trying not to get too excited and manage my expectations. So much so, that by the time I received the next email I would have been made up to have one of my images the size of a postage stamp - as long as I made it into the book I'd be ecstatic. When I opened the attachment to see I had a whole page to myself I wanted to scream with joy. However, I was sat in the middle of Nandos waiting for my husband to arrive for lunch, so had to scream a little inside! It was all I could do to stop myself telling the people on the next table.  

I eagerly awaited for the book to be published so I could share the news with the world. I finally got my hands on it back in May and it didn't disappoint. It's a beautiful book full of inspiring and useful content, gorgeous photography and amazing business advice. I feel very lucky and proud to have been featured in it.

Fiona said some lovely things about my work in the book which is a huge boost. The thing is, if it wasn't for Fiona's previous book, How to Style Your Brand, I wouldn't have had a) the courage or confidence to submit my work, and b) the knowledge of how to make my brand appealing enough to be book-worthy.

I've already started to implement some of the ideas from this book, and I'm excited to see how my brand and business develop as a result.